Jacob's Ladder

The First Mission Part1

The Party received a summons from Eric requesting that they meet him in his private chambers to discuss their first mission under his employ.

-Meet with Master Sheks
-Received permanent bonuses
-Traveled to Midcren
-Met Brother Timothy

The Journey Begins

As the party sets out from the home of the dwarves Eric shares little of where they are going. The party is heading south on the Dispute, eventually travelling to a port town in Khe’et where they will catch a ship to Eric’s strong hold.

The first part of the journey occures with little of note. When the party reaches Sips Hamlet they take to the road to get to the port town of Khal’dn. While on watch the second night on the road Takahishi noticed a creature sitting some distance outside the firelight. Without waking his allied Takahishi went out to investigate this creature. Once he was close enough to more closely inspect the creature he discovered it was an ogre. Speaking in the Giantish tongue Takahishi discovered that this ogre called himself Kurgosh and that he was watching the group under orders of “the Master.” When the ogre said he had no wish to fight, Takahishi returned to camp, woke his friends and explained what had happened. Eric requested that they get the ogre to leave.

Returning to Kurgosh, this time with his allies in tow, Kurgosh again asked that the leave. Kurgosh refused. At this point Rolf took matters into his own hands and attacked the ogre. After a quick battle the ogre was on the verge of death when he suddenly swelled with power and emitted a blast of cold energy in all directions, and crumpled dead in the dirt.

When the party finally got to (insert city name from above) and were trying to board their ship, they were confronted by the city guard, who explained they had orders to arrest Eric, on what charges they would not say. At this point Eric revealed a secret of the Content Not Found: Ironworks, no wearing or using Ironworks armor or weapons may attack a member of the Irons family, else their equipment turn to dust. A few of the city guard did not believe Eric, and promptly had their weapons and armor turned to dust. At this point the party set sail for the Ironworks main fortress in the area.

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