Ethereal Reaper

A blade capable of destroying the undead.

weapon (melee)

+2 Long Sword

+1d6 against any undead.
On a confirmed critical +6d6.


Created ages ago this blade looks like a long sword forged of pure crystal,when wielded against a living creature the weapon behaves as if it were a normal blade; cutting, piercing, impacting, etc. Yet when this blade is used against any undead, from zombie to dracolich, the blade passes through the creature as if made of mere mist with only the slightest sensation of slowing. Although it feels as if it should do little damage, any undead “flesh” it touches blackens and starts to turn to ash.

The Reaper was destroyed when during the assault by the fey nobles. Some, if not all, of the “crystal” making up the Reaper’s blade was embedded into sword arm and the upper torso. The damage caused by this healed very quickly, however the bruise appears to be taking a normal amount of time to heal.

Ethereal Reaper

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